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PRESS RELEASE: VA Vigilante, Inc. Holds 2nd Annual VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge

Local Non-Profit raises money for homeless and disabled veterans in North Carolina.

Wrightsville Beach, May 18, 2016:  As a Navy Veteran, Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyer and avid Paddler, it was an obvious choice when David Russotto founded his Non-Profit, VA Vigilante, Inc. Nicknamed “the VA Vigilante” David founded VA Vigilante, Inc. in 2015 to help raise money for homeless and disabled veterans in North Carolina. Last year, the Non-Profit put on their first event, VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge where all proceeds were donated to veterans agencies.

This Saturday, May 21st the Non-Profit will hold the 2nd Annual VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge event at Wrightsville SUP (96 W. Salisbury St.) in Wrightsville Beach. VA Vigilante, Inc. has partnered with Wrightsville SUP, PaddleFit and CrossFit Re-Ignited to put on the event this year. Paddlers from all over the state will compete in this relay style race to raise money for the veterans in need throughout North Carolina.

The race will begin at 9:30AM on Saturday. We welcome paddlers to register on our website in support of the homeless and disabled veterans in their community. We also have a GoFundMe page set up if someone would like donate and is unable to make it to the event this year. If you have questions regarding the event, please contact Andrea Meeks at 270-784-7524 or andream@mrslawfirm.com.

Thank you to the entire Wrightsville Beach community for your continued support throughout our event. We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors this year: Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban Law Firm, Dixon, Hughes & Goodman, South Beach Grill, Capital Nissan of Wilmington, Parchie Clothing Supply, Chip Perry at Farm Bureau, Dockside Marina and Banks Channel Pub & Grille.




Where does your compassion lead you?

The VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge requires focus, determination, strength, perseverance, courage, and most of all compassion. As athletes and hosts, we rush. We’re constantly running through an endless to do list. If you’re anything like myself, you feel relief as your check off each item. We all go through times of high stress and test our endurance; however, can we dare ask why we do what we do?

I’d like to take this time to address who we are and why we’ve come together to help veterans.

 VA Vigilante

The goal of the VA Vigilante, Inc. non-profit organization is to help homeless and disabled veterans in need. As both a veteran and Attorney, David Russotto has a heart for helping veterans, paddleboarding, and fitness. It seemed only natural for Russotto to combine his passions into an exciting event that donates all proceeds directly to the Onslow County Community Foundation for Homeless Veterans, Home of Camp Lejeune.


Paddlefit aims to help people achieve their fitness goals outside the traditional treadmill and monotony of endless weight repetitions. The system is meant to combine standup paddleboarding and fitness techniques for an unforgettable workout.

 Wrightsville SUP

With interests in everything water-related, how could we not partner with Jarrod Covington, founder and owner of Wrightsville SUP?  His passion for watersports, especially paddleboarding, led to his founding of Wrightsville SUP. Furthermore, Covington thoroughly enjoys helping both veterans and watersports enthusiasts alike.

 CrossFit Re-Ignited

As a performance-based fitness group, CrossFit Re-Ignited is excited to be with the VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge! Their devotion to full body training leads to inspirational fitness results. CrossFit Re-Ignited aims to help participants achieve their goals.

We are so thankful for our partnerships and cannot wait for the 2nd Annual VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge! Our common thread is fitness; but what we really aim to sow together is the lives of those have laid down their lives for us. This is why we choose to compassionately endure for our cause. And our question is: Will you join us in our passionate pursuit to provide for homeless and disabled veterans?

If so, we’d love to hear from you!

 Attention: Calling all businesses, if you’re interested in sponsoring our VA Vigilante Paddlefit Challenge send us a message or email! (andream@mrslawfirm.com) We’d love to get all the support we can get for our veterans!

VA Vigilante Paddle Fit Challenge


We’ve set a date for the 2nd Annual VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge. The event will be held on Saturday, May 21st in Wrightsville Beach. Mark your calendars!

We need your help raising money for the homeless and disabled veterans in our community! You can help by Registering or Sponsoring the Event.

For more information visit: http://vavigilantepaddlefitchallenge.com/

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Supporting Onslow Community Outreach

All proceeds from the VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge will go to Onslow Community Outreach. This includes sponsorships and registration entry fees. To give you an idea of exactly how the funds will be spent, see below:

  • Bus Tokens for Vets to get to and from appointments, or other veteran services
  • Hotel vouchers for homeless Vets that the shelter is unable to accommodate due to no bed vacancy
  • Bus vouchers for out of town medical services for Vets
  • Utility/ Rental assistance to Vets getting transitioning to better/ permanent housing
  • Assistance in construction, renovation or purchase of new facility

Help support the veterans in North Carolina and REGISTER TODAY!