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Supporting Homeless Vets

Register Today And Help Thousands of Homeless Vets

Spots for participating in the 1st Annual VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge are filling up fast! Secure your spot now by registering on our website. Remember, we have a race for everyone, so grab a team member and register today!

Beginner/Recreational Race: This race is perfect for the inexperienced paddler, there is absolutely no paddle experience required for this race. In fact, we will have Certified PaddleFit Instructors at the event prior to the race. The race will consist of paddling one lap around the island and 6-8 fitness challenges on land.

Intermediate Race: This race is great for a paddler that has some experience paddling. Similar to the Beginner/Recreational race you will paddle one lap around the island and complete 6-8 fitness challenges on land. Exercises consist of but are not limited to; bear crawls, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, etc.

Advanced Race: This race is dedicated to the experienced paddler that is interested in not just paddling but competing. The advanced paddlers will make 2 laps around the island and complete 8-10 fitness challenges per lap. This race will be tough, as you will be racing against extremely fit paddlers.

Advanced Turn and Burn Race: This race is an all-out sprint around a series of buoys where each racer must execute high speed power turns.

All of the proceeds go to Onslow Community Outreach, which is a great organization that aids in helping homeless veterans. We hope to be able to provide bus tokens to vets for doctors’ appointments, accommodations at the homeless shelter, assistance in construction of the new homeless facility and much more.

Registering for the VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge is a great way to support your community and veterans in need. There are over 1,000 homeless veterans in North Carolina alone! Help us make that number ZERO!


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Supporting Onslow Community Outreach

All proceeds from the VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge will go to Onslow Community Outreach. This includes sponsorships and registration entry fees. To give you an idea of exactly how the funds will be spent, see below:

  • Bus Tokens for Vets to get to and from appointments, or other veteran services
  • Hotel vouchers for homeless Vets that the shelter is unable to accommodate due to no bed vacancy
  • Bus vouchers for out of town medical services for Vets
  • Utility/ Rental assistance to Vets getting transitioning to better/ permanent housing
  • Assistance in construction, renovation or purchase of new facility

Help support the veterans in North Carolina and REGISTER TODAY!