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Alarming Number Of Homeless Vets In The US

The number of homeless veterans in the United States at any given point is unsettling. To think that someone who fought for our freedom is now on the street is extremely hard to fathom. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 49,933 veterans in the United States are homeless. This information was taken within the last year, while not 100% accurate is roughly a 33% drop from 2010.

Because of the statistics above we founded the VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge Event. This event will be held on May 17th in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. All proceeds go directly to homeless veterans in the North Carolina area. Founding partner of the VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge, David Russotto, is a veteran himself and does all he can to support his fellow service members.
Whether you’re an advanced paddler or only a beginner there will be a race for you! We hope that the people of Wrightsville Beach and surrounding communities will come out to support and help raise money for our homeless veterans.

Homeless Veterans

Announcing May 17th 1st Annual VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge

We are excited to announce the date of our 1st Annual VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge, May 17th. This event will help raise money and awareness for the homeless and disabled veterans, specifically, Onslow County Community Foundation for Homeless Veterans. Onslow County is home to Camp Lejeune.

According to the US Department for Veterans Affairs, “The 2014 Point-in-Time (PIT) count revealed that there were approximately 49,933 homeless Veterans on a single night in January 2014 in the United States.  For the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), even one Veteran without safe and stable housing is one too many.”

Join us on Sunday, May 17th for the VA Vigilante PaddleFit Challenge in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The event will be located on 96 West Salisbury Street at Wrightsville SUP. Whether you are a beginner and have never paddled before or you’re advanced and could paddle in your sleep…we have a race for you! Races include:

Beginner/Recreational Race (No paddle experience needed)


Advanced (Paddle only)

Advanced (Paddle and fitness)

Instructors will be on site at the event for any training needed prior to the race.

We hope to see you there.